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On July 02-03, 2015 Museu Nacional do Azulejo and LNEC organized the International Conference “Glazed Ceramics in Architectural Heritage” (GlazeArch2015). Visit site here.
You may download the book of Proceedings here
Under FCT-AzuRe in cooperation with the research infrastructure and the H2020 Project IPERION CH, the same partnership will organize GlazeArch2018 provisionally set for October 29-30, 2018 at LNEC- Lisbon.

The scope will now be widened and the conference will aim to discuss azulejos and other architectural glazed ceramics of historic interest manufactured and applied anywhere in the world up to the 20th century, and also majolica and heritage faïence in general: their history, characteristics, decay, conservation and museology as well as related issues.
Main themes to be addressed will be:

The event will be made of invited lectures, and communications by researchers and practitioners.
The Conference will be organized jointly by Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil and Museu Nacional do Azulejo as an outcome of the FCT-AzuRe project and a networking activity of the transnational research consortium IPERION CH and the Portuguese research infrastructure