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Azulejo Research for the candidacy to UNESCO World Heritage status
Estudos no Azulejo Português para Candidatura a Património da Humanidade

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Museums and research networks

Museu Nacional do Azulejo (Portuguese and English)
AzLab- Rede Azulejo da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (in Portuguese)
The Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo (in Dutch)
Museo Nacional de Ceramica (Valencia, Spain- in Spanish)
Earthenware, ceramics and tiles at the Smithsonian Museum (in English)

History, panels and samples

Cerâmica Modernista em Portugal (in Portuguese)
História do azulejo português (five movies in Portuguese making up a TV program)
O azulejo português (TV movie in Portuguese)
Wilhelm Joliet’s excellent and comprehensive site on tiles from most everywhere (in German)
A collector’s very good site on Dutch tiles: (in German and English)
Tegels uit Antwerpen (excellent site of Frans Caignie on Flemish Renaissance tiles in Dutch)
Tegels uit Rotterdam (site on tiles manufactured in Rotterdam- in Dutch)
A gallery in a French site (French, Spanish, English)
Flickr groups on tiles & related graphics
A Arte do Azulejo em Portugal (Instituto Camões- in Portuguese)

Research projects and research results

Pesquisa no sistema de referência Az sobre o azulejo(sítios, autores, …) in Portuguese
Digitile (filed information on azulejos in several Portuguese towns, pictures, books- excellent!) in Portuguese
Papers at (Portuguese and Spanish)

Manufacture, factories and technology

Fábrica das Devesas no site de Francisco Queiroz (in Portuguese)
Fábrica de Louça de Sacavém at Wikipedia (in Portuguese)

Pigments and cobalt blue

Origin, early history and technology of the blue pigment in azulejos (in English)
Cobalt at Encyclopedia Iranica (in English)
Blaafarvevaerket - the Norwegian Blue Colour Works at Wikipedia (in English but there is an extended version in Norwegian, here)
Colours and pigments through time (in Norwegian)


Physical-chemical characterization of Portuguese azulejos (in English)

Decay and restoration

Conservation guidance on the site of the British Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society
Sobre a degradação física dos azulejos de fachada em Lisboa - Physical decay of façade tiles in Lisbon (in Portuguese)
Levantamento em obra de patologias em azulejos históricos- Pathologies found in azulejos onsite (in Portuguese)


O azulejo na arquitetura brasileira- os painéis de Athos Bulcão (dissertation by Ingrid Moura Wanderley in Portuguese)
Guia de inventário do azulejo in-situ (Az- in Portuguese)
Arte do Louceiro (1804- in Portuguese)
Digitile (database and books to download- site in English and Portuguese, books usually in Portuguese)